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Kinky Curly Wave Non-remy Human Hair factory Avatar
Kinky Curly Wave Non-remy Human Hair factory
Created by fftty158 on Jan, 11 2019 with 1 Members

Our Product Human hair, lace front wig, hair extension,remy hair,virgin hair,synthetic wig ,etc. Product Application Initially, the wig was provided to a person who was born with thin hair or had poor hair quality as a is also used in appearance, gender, age, personality changes and changes. It's more convenient to pick and choose, length and length, color, and combing. It's not new for a person to have multiple wigs. Production Equipment Drawing machine, three-needle machine, hair dryer, wig cleaner, dryer, wig oven Production Market The products are mainly sold to the Middle East, and the style and quality of products have been recognized by our customers. Has been with the world's top wig manufacturers have a good technical exchanges and cooperation in the wig market has a pivotal position. Our Service Pre-sales mainly use Google, Alibaba and other overseas platforms to release product information to attract customers. Sales: Through the company's main members to various countries to participate in the exhibition, on-site or through e-mail to communicate with customers around. After-sale: According to the customer's request, provide corresponding wig use and maintenance methodsKinky Curly Wave Non-remy Human Hair factory website:

Shoulder Sling Bag Avatar
Shoulder Sling Bag
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Where we are Our factory is located in Fujian China, one of the biggest bag manufacturing bases in the world. 1.5 hour car way from our factory is Xiamen International Airport where there is direct flight connects with Tokyo. Who we are With 30 years of experience, our factory and our manage team have the knowledge and experience in handling every aspect in bag manufacturing. Provide you with a one-stop source for variety of bags such as backpacks, tote bags, sling bags, shoulder bags, duffel bags, briefcases, etc. Our factory has always been recognized as a bag manufacturer that stands by its quality in the area. Producing quality product is a core value which guides our company, along with providing fine services at bargain price. Through our technological expertise and international management standards, our customers see us as their long term reliable and responsive business partner. Why choose us Sourcing from overseas could be challenging. Beyond a normal product manufacturer, we position ourselves as a trustworthy business partner who provides complete sourcing solutions. it is our goal to provide excellent sourcing experience to our clients and to create values together. All managing team member have more than 12 years’ experience, always giving our clients professional suggestions and solutions. Give us your basic idea, we can make more than you expect. Who work with us: Organizations around the world trust us to help them meet evolving industry regulations and practices, with our depth of experience and knowledge. Disclaimer: Any trade marks and/or design rights shown in the photographs above do not belong to our company,but they are the intellectual properties of our respective clients. What we do for quality control With clearly defined quality policies and responsibilities, well managed documentations and records, and most importantly, in-depth process analysis and inspection, we are able to ensure consistent quality. We believe the most efficacious way of production is to manufacture the products correctly upfront. We have several campaigns to implement this ideology among our floor workers. Our second check point is the Manufacture Quality Control Team. This team monitors each procedure to make sure that every step is in strict accordance with standards. On the production line the ratio of workers to QC members is 10: 1. After all the manufacturing procedures are completed, the products are ready for packaging. Packaging is the responsibility of the Packaging Quality Control Team. It checks every single product and filter out any item that is below the required standards. We refuse to package any item that is inferior; only the approved products are packaged. Social Compliance It is our core value to be social responsible and to protect the human rights of our workers. With endeavor to persuade sustainable implementation of the principles enable us not only to meet local law requirements, but also industrial standards and big retailers’ requirement from US and Europe.Shoulder Sling Bag website: website2:

Aluminium Moulding Plate suppliers Avatar
Aluminium Moulding Plate suppliers
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2024 Aluminium Moulding Plate The 2024 aluminum plate is a typical hard aluminum alloy in the aluminum-copper-magnesium system. Many countries produce this alloy.It is the largest amount of aluminum. The alloy is characterized by its high strength and heat resistance and can be used as a working part below 150 ℃. Specifically designed for precision mould applications, the Signi range has been developed to combine high strength and mechanical stability with outstanding machinability. Over the three decades since the brand's introduction, new Signi alloys have been developed to satisfy the enhanced performance requirements of specific moulding technologies, such as improved weldability and resistance to stress corrosion or sustained high temperatures For the specifier, this gives the reassurance of knowing that the performance characteristics of an Signi mould will exactly match process requirements every time, with all that implies in terms of reliable long-term operation. Signi alloys are supplied fully heat treated, with no further treatment required. Wide plate tolerances Guaranteed Changes in our production process allow Signi to now guarantee flatness and thickness tolerances on all Signi tooling and moulding plate. The improved guarantee sets a new industry standard for tooling plate tolerances. Improved stability and consistency As you kow, stability and consistency are integral to the quality of Signi plate. Signi's proprietary chemistry, casting, and production techniques provides excellent piece-to-piece stability and consistency. High stability and consistency reduce warping and movement during sawing and machining. Also, the plate's through-thickness consistency creates fewer metal inconsistencies for easier and faster machining, allowing less rework and fewer scrap pieces. And our superior lot-to-lot consistency means you get the same result time and time again, so you can develop standard procedures for machining and finishing operations. Expanded Satin Finish Range Signi's genuine satin finish is now available on all tooling plate, the satin finish is twice as smooth as plate with coarse, mechanical finishes. This superior smoothness lets you reduce or eliminate costly surface clean-up operations. Better Identification System Signi has also recently updated its marking system. The new method paces product identification on the top of each plate. This new system lets you more easily and accurately identify the select the proper alloy, temper, size and specification. It also helps avoid errors by improving the traceability of sawed blanks. A Quality Commitment Signi commit itself to quality processes, products, and performance. This commitment to quality-combined with a strong dedication to our customers-has made Signi the leader in the aluminum industry. Signi continuously strives to improve products and processes to meet customer needs and expectations. General Specification AlloyTemperSpecification (mm) ThicknessWidthLength 2024H111, H112, H116,T4, T6, T6516~150mm1000~25002000~6000 Remark: special specifications can be produced accordingly to your requirement. Chemical CompositionAlloySiFeCuMnMgCrNiZnTiOthersAlu min eachTotal 20240.500.503.8~4.90.3~0.91.2~1.80.1- Physical property AlloyTemperSpecified Thickness mmRm MPaRp 0.2 MPaElongation min.Bend RadiusHardness overUp toMin.Max.Min.Max.A50mmA180°90°HBW 2024O6.09.0-220-14013--2.5t55 9.012.5-220-14013--4.0t55 12.525.0-220---11--55 T3/T3516.012.5440-290-13---124 12.540.0430-290--11--122 40.080.0420-290--8- Guaranteed The improvements in our wrought tooling plate are one more example of the Signi Commitment to excellence. The flatness and thickness tolerance guarantee on all Signi tooling plate, its improved stability and consistency, the expanded satin finish gauge range, the the updated marking system make Signi's tooling plate the highest quality plate available.Aluminium Moulding Plate suppliers website:

Household Hose manufacturers Avatar
Household Hose manufacturers
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Gas Hose, LPG Hose, Gasoline Hose, PVC Gas Hose etc. Application For commercial and family gas cooker oven, the connection of gas system of industrial device. Transport media: LPG, MPS, CNG, CH4 etc Structure 1) High quality special formula PVC and rubber composite material. 2) 1~2 layers high intensity polyester thread reinforcement. Characteristics Light, elastic, easy to handle, anti-erosion. Interior lining adopt LPG-endurable, oil-endurable, breath ability endurable formula. Temperature Range -10°C-70°C Specifications of LPG gas hose Item No.InchI.D.O.D.M/RollW.P.B.P.Weight MM BAR KG/Roll CH-0093/8”91510020/4060/12014.70 CH-0131/2”132010020/4060/10023.60 Production and workshop Quality control Product details CertificateHousehold Hose manufacturers website:

120 Volt Led Driver manufacturers Avatar
120 Volt Led Driver manufacturers
Created by fftty158 on Jan, 11 2019 with 1 Members

Our History We established in 2006, we were start from the Power Adaptor and Switching Power Supply, from 2011, we start the LED Driver for the LED Bulb, LED Tube, Panel Light, Down Light which is mainly indoor use, from 2014, we add the waterproof type such as LED Driver for LED Street, LED Strip, LED Flood Light. And start to share the HK lighting Fair in April and Oct. As well as the Poland Lighting Fair, Thailand Lighting Fair and so on until now. From 2015, Dimmable LED Driver is our main products, 2016, beside the triac dimmable, Dali Dimmable, we success make the 3 in 1 dimmable that is 0-10V/1-10V/PWM in one LED Driver. 2017, we success to make 5 in 1 dimmable that is triac dimmable 10-10V 1-10V PWM Daili Dimmable in one LED Driver. Our Factory Our factory cover 4300 Squre meters and we own 150 workers utilizing 10 producing lines. We have 8 R&D staffs with more than 10 years experience in LED Driver, Our products are CE, TUV, RoHS, SAA, C-tick, RCM, FCC and ETL approved. Our Product Triac Dimmable Led Driver, 0-10V/1-10V/PWM Dimmable LED Driver, Dali Dimmable LED Driver, IP20 LED Driver, IP67 LED Driver, Slim LED Driver, T8 LED Tube Driver. Product Application LED Strip Light, LED Panel Light, LED Flood Light, T8 LED Tube, LED Street Light, LED Bulb, LED Screen, LED Down Light. Our Certificate CE ROHS TUV SAA C-TICK ETL FCC Production Equipment Components Forming Machine, LEAD-Free Soldering Wave Machine, Aging Testing Machine, Vacuum Machine, SMD Machine, Production Market Europe 80%, USA 5%, Asia 15% Our Service Fine Pre-sales Service, Professional In-Sales Service, Responsible After-Sales Service120 Volt Led Driver manufacturers website:

low price RF Duplexer Avatar
low price RF Duplexer
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RF duplexer We can develop new duplexer based on customers’ requirements Application Rf Duplexer allow you to use a common distributor system for all mobile communication applications in the broad frequency range. Duplexer are used to unite two different frequencies sharing the common antenna feed cable or one antenna by several transmitters or receivers. In the aviation, aerospace, radar, communication, electronic countermeasure, radio and television and various applications in electronic test equipment Duplexer collects all the signals from different systems to an antenna port and allows that different systems share one set of antenna and cable equipment Part NumberFrequency Range (MHz) RXFrequency Range (MHz) TXInsertion Loss (dB)VSWRConnector type RejectionDimensions (mm) LDX-224.5/233.5-1224.5233.5≤2.0≤1.4N-F≥80dB@232~235MHz ≥80dB@223~226MHz431*234*109 LDX-390/440-1N 380-400410-470≤0.7≤1.4N-F≥40dB@380~400MHz ≥40dB@410~470MHz 220*136*70 LDX-417.5/444.5-Q6 411.5~423.5438.5~450.5≤1.45≤1.3N-F≥100dB@438.5-450.5MHz ≥100dB@411.5-423.5MHz233*81*55 LDX-795/910-Q6S770-820880~940≤0.6≤1.3SMA-F ≥65dB@880-940MHz ≥65dB @ 770-820MHz124*91*52 LDX-G24-15885~909930~954≤1.6≤1.2SMA-F≥90dB@DC-840 ≥90dB@DC-885 172*88*47 LDX-G35-6880~915925~960≤1.2≤1.3SMA-F≥50dB@DC-845MHz ≥50dB@925-2000MHz110*110*30 LDX-G25-7890 - 915935 - 960≤1.2≤1.3SMA-F≥80dB@2400~2500 ≥80dB@800~2170190*96*58 LDX-G6-8S909~915954~960≤1.5dB≤1.3SMA-F≥30dB@Fc±5MHz ≥30dB@±5MHz128*91*48 LDX-1732/2132-21710~17552110~2155≤1.0≤1.3SMA-F≥60dB@2110~2155MHz ≥60dB@1710~1755MHz100*59*29 LDX-D75-1N1747.51842.5≤2.2≤1.3 N-F≥80dB@1805-1880 MHz ≥80dB@1710-1785 MHz123*100*40 LDX-PCS-601850-19101930-1990≤2.5≤1.3SMA-F≥70dB@1930-1990MHz ≥70dB@1850-1910MHz123*100*40 LDX-TDA/TDB -11880~19202010~2025≤0.6≤1.3N-F≥80dB@2010~2025MHz ≥80dB@1880~1920MHz148*89*36 LDX-1880/1960-11850-19101930-1990≤1.0dB≤1.3N-F≥75dB@1930-1990MHz ≥75dB@1850-1910MHz224*168*34 LDX-WCDMA-11N1920-19802110-2170≤1.0≤1.3N-F≥80dB@1920-1980MHz 80dB@2110-2170MHz) 101*77*71 LDX-WCDMA-Q6S1940~19702130~2160≤1.6≤1.3SMA-F≥20dB@Fc±10MHz ≥20dB@Fc±10MHz136*91*32 Part NumberFrequency Range (MHz) RXFrequency Range (MHz) TXInsertion Loss (dB)VSWRConnector type RejectionDimensions (mm) LDX-2110/2155-Q52110~21402155~2170≤1.5≤1.3SMA-F≥50dB@2155~2170MHz ≥50dB@2110~2140MHz108*82*26 LDX-2400/5725-Q42400~2483.55725~5850≤0.5≤1.25N-F≥90dB@5725-5850MHz ≥90dB@2400-2483.5MHz100*52*26 LDX-2570/2650-Q6S 2570-26352650-2700≤1.0≤1.3SMA-F≥50dB@2650-2700MHz ≥50dB@2570-2635MHz121*121*35 LDX- 3500/5800-13400~36005700~5900≤1.5≤1.3SMA-F30dBMin@DC~3060 MHz 30dBMin@6490 MHz84*36*20 LDX-4500/4900-Q8S4400-46004800~5000≤1.5≤1.2SMA-F≥70dB @ 4800-5000MHz ≥70dB @4400-4600MHz120*120*21 LDX-5150/5475-Q6S -15150~53505475~5700≤0.8≤1.3SMA-F≥85dB@5475~5700MHz ≥85dB@5150~5350MHz123.5*98.5*20 LDX-WG7224/7661-1A7124~73247561~7761≤1.0≤1.4WR34≥90dB@7561~7761MHz ≥90dB@7124~7324MHz350.3*54*26 LDX-14380/15200-Q6S15020-1538014200-14560≤1.5≤1.3 metras≥80dB@14200-14560Mhz ≥80dB@15020-15380Mhz70*24*10 LDX-WG27798.5/28806.5-08B 27548.528048.5≤1.5≤1.3WR34(RX/TX) ,WR28(ANT)≥60dB@28556.5~29056.5MHz ≥60dB@27548.5~28048.5MHz 170*22.35*16.8low price RF Duplexer website:

Electric Lock manufacturers Avatar
Electric Lock manufacturers
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Long-Type Electric Strike is the electric strike with long faceplate. It has two modes: A fail safe electric strike needs power to keep it locked. A fail secure electric strike stays locked even without power. Features: 1. Holding 500kg 2. Aluminum, Stainless Steel Bolt 3. Testing to 1000000 cycles 4. High-Temperature Painted, Durable and Beautiful Article 5. CE Certificate by European Union, MA Certificate by ChinaPublic Security 6. Name: Long-Type Electric Strike Specifications: Product ParameterParameter Description Lock Size250Lx25Wx28H(mm) Strike StructureStainless Steel Holding Force500kg CurrentDC12V Current450mA(HSY-E200NO);200mA(HSY-E200NC) FeatureFail Secure(HSY-E200NO): Unlocked when energized Fail Safe(HSY-E200NC): Locked when energized Suitable For:Wooden Door, Metal Door, PVC Door Surface TemperatureWithin +20 Degree Suitable Temperature-10~+55 Degree (14-131F) Operating Humidity0~90%(non-condensing) Face plate HousingPainted Steel FunctionBuilt-out MOV Weight0.5kg Long-Type Electric Strike Sizes and Installation diagram: More About Electric door lock serials: More About Magnetic door lock serials: Long-Type Electric Strike more photos: Q1: Should we pay for the sample? And what if we place an order? A: Sample charge is needed. However, the sample charge will be refunded after you place order no less than our MOQ. Q2: How to pay the money? A: We can accept pay by Escrow or PayPal or TT or Western Union. Please tell us the payment that you prefer, we will send the detail information to you. Q3: What's the shipment method? A: It can be Ocean Shipping, Airlift and Express (EMS, UPS, DHL, TNT, and FEDEX). So before placing order. please contact us to confirm your preferred shipment method. Q4: What is your terms of delivery? A: We accept EXW, FOB, CIF, etc. You can choose the one which is the most convenient or cost effective for you. Q5: When can I get the quotation? Please contact us by Alibaba trademanager, station text message or WhatsApp. We usually quote within 24 hours after we get your inquiry. If you are very urgent to get the price, please call us by +8613684965908, so that we prioritize your inquiry. 1. If you have any question, Please send the message via Trade manager. All message will be answered within 24 hours from Monday to Saturday. 2. Please contact us before leaving any negative or neutral feedback or opening disputes, we will work with you to solve any problems. Electric Lock manufacturers website:

High Quality OTHER PARTS Avatar
High Quality OTHER PARTS
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Item specifics Condition: New Type: OIL PAN Country/Region of Manufacture: China Brand: HOYA Manufacturer Part Number: 8200535857 Interchange Part Number: 8200535857 Other Part Number: 77 00 273 458 Material:Aluminium Warranty: 1 Year Specification: Find The Comparable Number:BLAU: 8200535857 not for article number:3621 Material:Aluminium Weight [g]:2990 Why choose us? 1.We have in-house rapid prototyping equipment, so we can provide a proof of concept within days – not weeks or months! 2.We are happy to have you visit us any time! This is the only way we can have complete control over production times and process throughput. 3.We strive for rapid response from our dedicated staff to get you answers quickly! 4.Our Production and Project managers, coupled with our in-house engineers can guide you through the process preventing unnecessary delays or roadblocks. 5.Our internal shop floor control software allows us to track these changes and quickly and efficiently implement necessary changes. 6.Most of our customers provide us with product or packaging specifications right on their design prints. We would be happy to work with you to fulfill your requirements. 7.Since we 100% test and inspect all parts, we can easily provide you with serial number tracking, or specific labeling requirements. High Quality OTHER PARTS website:

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