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EM Series Electric Trolling Motor Avatar
EM Series Electric Trolling Motor
Created by hdjk87 on Nov, 12 2018 with 1 Members

POER EM SERIES Electric Trolling motor: Details: These Trolling Motors are battery powered which are easy to operate and with the advantage of environmental protection. It is not noisy in the fishing zone and is the anglers’ very good helper. Basic Configuration: Trolling motor; 2 pcs propellers; 2 pcs motor pins for propeller installation; 2 sets screw and washer for propeller installation; 1 pc wrench for propeller installation . Packaging & Delivery Packaging Details: In Standard Export Carton. Delivery Time: Shipped in 30 days after payment EM Series Electric Trolling Motor website:

Disposable Pulp Seed Starters manufacturers Avatar
Disposable Pulp Seed Starters manufacturers
Created by hdjk87 on Nov, 12 2018 with 1 Members

※History: Year of 2004 --- Guangzhou JDY Paper Crafts Factory was founded by a group of moulded pulp specialists. Year of 2010 --- GPM was founded as brand by Mr.Aaron Mao and his partners for the international business of molded pulp products.Its mission is to develop kinds of molded pulp products and further expand their application scope to reduce white pollution with the knowledge of the group members. Year of 2013 --- GPM took over the manufacturing of Guangzhou JDY Molded Pulp Factory and made a new factory named Guangzhou Grand Forest Green Pack with its partners who worked in molded pulp innovation and production for 20 years. ※Now: GPM has built a professional team for pulp products developing,designing and manufacturing. It makes us capable of handling all designing and manufacturing jobs related with molded pulp and offer one-stop solution to our clients. Our Advantage--- The improved technology of About-to-Dry pressing made us one of the most excellent manufactures in pulp molding industry in China,no matter in production cost or product finishing, especially in colored pulp packages. Our Products --- Our products cover a wide range of areas, including paper pulp crafts, high-end product packaging, egg cartons, fruit trays, seed starters, wine packs, retail packaging, shoe stretchers and a series of environmentally friendly molded pulp products. ※Corporate Culture Our Vision: Dedicated to make the most respectable molded pulp Made in China Our Mission: Keep innovating in designing and production of molded pulp products and further expand their application scope to reduce white pollution. Our Value: To Customer: Be Honest, Quality First and Customer Value Oriented. To Staff: To Educate and Offer All Resources Available to Help Them Make Progress To Partners: Trust, Be responsible and Mutual-Benefit Oriented To Team Members: Respect, Be Cooperative and Share To Family: Protect, Harmonize and Love To Friends: Loyal and Keep Helpful to Others To Ourselves: Be Disciplined and keep Learning ※WHY GPM Our Service 1. We will provide the solutions for your questions within 24 hours 2. Free design 3. Free samples 4. Fast Delivery and 24Hours in service. 5. A full range of shipment, including sea, air and land transports. As well as door to door courier service 6. We have 5 procedures for inspection to make sure the qualified products over 98% 7. If you found anything not conform with the samples we offered before your order, please let us know immediately after you get the goods. We will study and once we found it is caused by our side,we will replace them immediately. ※Transaction Security GPM has been verified and assured by under the name of Yuhe Trade as a Golden Supplier. For any failure of delivery,you can be compensated by up to USD20,000 from ※Product Advantages For Paper Crafts: 1.We use the eco-friendly dye, eco-friendly paint and clean material. It’s safe and innocuous 2.It’s easy to painting and the color won’t fade 3.Smooth surface,good handle 4.Perfect finishing on surface For Egg Cartons: 1.Full range of products available(existing mold): 6cell,8 cell,10cell,12,cell,15cell,18cell and 20cell 2.Design can be customized 3.Color can be customized 4.Labeling or printing available 5.Without ink, it’s safe and eco-friendly 6.Smooth at both sides. Good stacking and de-nesting. Good performance on all kinds of automatic egg packaging machine 7.With clean edge 8.Waterproof 9.Unique ventilated design to provide the fresh air for the eggs For Protective Packaging: 1.Design can be customized 2.Color can be customized 3.Perfect finishing on surface and edge 4.Shockproof ※Product line: 1. Egg carton --Chicken egg carton --duck egg carton --quail egg carton 2. Fruit tray --berry basket --apple tray 3. Industrial pulp packaging --Electronic packaging --Home appliance packaging 4. thermo formed pulp packaging --Tea packaging --cosmetics packaging --T-shirt box --mobile phone shell packaging 5. paper mask -- Animals -- cartoon -- fruit -- Superman and lady 6. Paper mache --Christmas ball --Halloween eggs --Animal mache 7. Tableware --Dinner plate, --lunch box --laminated food tray 8. Nursery trays --seeding tray --nursery cup --Flower pot 9. Medical class -- bedpan --Urinate --Infusion hand support for kids ※Certificate SGSTPCH ※Cooperative customer case 1.Liteon: Founded in 1975, Lite on on is the longest optoelectronic manufacturer in Taiwan, our company mainly provides pulp moulding tray support to protect the customer's LED lamp for transportation.The annual supply amount is 100 thousand to 1 million. 2.Microsemi Corporation Microsemi Corporation, headquartered in Er Bay, California, is a leading high performance analog and hybrid signal integrated circuit and high reliability semiconductor design, manufacturer and distributor.Our main task is to provide all kinds of products for paper packaging, with annual sales of 500 thousand to 1 million. 3.Hutamaki a global consumer packaging company has strong and long experience in the food packaging business.We mainly supply the egg box for them.The annual supply amount is 100 thousand to 1 million. 4.Target Target is a famous chain supermarket in Taiwan. We mainly provide egg carton for its eggs.The annual supply amount is 50 thousand to 100 thousand.Disposable Pulp Seed Starters manufacturers website: website2:

New Type Uterine Manipulator factory Avatar
New Type Uterine Manipulator factory
Created by hdjk87 on Nov, 12 2018 with 1 Members

About Us Tonglu Kang Er medical instrument co., LTD is located in the beautiful scenery of the landscape city - hangzhou tonglu, belonging to the tonglu county economic development zone, founded in 1999, the registered capital of 2 million yuan, fixed assets of 10 million yuan, with quasi standardized workshops 9500 square and complete testing instruments and professional research and development institutions - hangzhou municipal high and new technology enterprise r&d center. It is a private high-tech enterprise specialized in developing, producing and selling various kinds of endoscopic surgical instruments. In 2008, it undertook the project of "innovation fund for small and medium enterprises of the ministry of science and technology". Kang Er medical instrument co., LTD., has consistently adhered to "meet the needs and strive to exceed customer's biggest" the quality policy, according to standard hl-tech corporation established a quality management system, capable of producing all kinds of surgical instruments 5000 units (sets) of production scale, is widely applied in otolaryngology, gynecology, urology department, general surgery, and other fields, the product has inventions, utility models, designs and so on nearly 40 independent intellectual property rights, tonglu county is an important part of medical apparatus and instruments massive economy. In line with the concept of "science, integrity, innovation and sharing", the company is guided by market demand, with high-quality products as its target, excellent talents as its foundation, and excellent services as its backing. Pioneering and innovative, continuous progress, dedicated to human health, medical services.New Type Uterine Manipulator factory website:

buy Cast Iron Self-Suction Screw Pump Avatar
buy Cast Iron Self-Suction Screw Pump
Created by hdjk87 on Nov, 12 2018 with 1 Members

Our History Jiadi is one of the leading suppliers of submersible pumps from China. We focused on top quality submersible pumps and motors since 30 years ago when we were established in 1988. We started as a small operation, now, millions of JIADI pumps are operating and transporting water for people from all over the world. And this number is increasing by million every year. The JIADI brand has already become the leading submersible pump brand in many countries and regions. And the Jiadi people are still working hard to let our reliable pumps and efficient service to serve for more people. Our Factory Jiadi owns two production bases in Zhejiang and Jiangsu Province, with full capability of R&D, production of casting, cable, capacitor, pump, motor and other spare parts, testing, sales and service. Jiadi headquarter is located in the Wenling, Zhejiang Province, where JIADI was founded, a city known as“the land of water pump” in China. The Jiangsu production base is founded is 2010, own a land of 1000,000 square meters, which is already 100% completed. It offers big potential of production capacity and development space for near future of Jiadi. And the third production base is also under planning. With our advantages in submersible pump researching and development, we will keep the spirit of innovation and working hard to provide the best products and Cast Iron Self-Suction Screw Pump website:

Liquid Nitrogen Fertilizer manufacturers Avatar
Liquid Nitrogen Fertilizer manufacturers
Created by hdjk87 on Nov, 12 2018 with 1 Members

Liquid UAN Urea Ammonium Nitrate Fertilizer 28% Urea Ammonium Nitrate(UAN) Liquid Fertilizers ItemsSpecificationResults Physical AppearanceColorless liquid,slight ammonia odor (pungent)PASS N content28% min28.9% Ammonium Nitrate40% min41.6% Urea31% min31.7% Water29% max26.7% Free Ammonia0.5% max0.09% Solubility100%100% pH (10% aqueous solution)6.8-7.57.2 Conclusion:The batch tested complies with European standards 30% Urea Ammonium Nitrate(UAN) Liquid Fertilizers ItemsSpecificationResults Physical AppearanceColorless liquid,slight ammonia odor (pungent)PASS N content30% min30.5% Ammonium Nitrate40--44%44.0% Urea31---34% min34.0% Water22--29-% max22% Free Ammonia0.5% max0.0078% Solubility100%100% pH (10% aqueous solution)6.8-7.57.2 Conclusion:The batch tested complies with European standards 32% Urea Ammonium Nitrate(UAN) Liquid Fertilizers ItemsSpecificationResults Physical AppearanceColorless liquid, slight ammonia odor (pungent)PASS N content32% min32.4% Ammonium Nitrate42% min44% Urea34% min34% Water24% max22% Free Ammonia0.05% max0.009% Solubility100%100% pH (10% aqueous solution)6.0-7.56.5 Density(25°C)1.315-1.3251.32 Pb4ppm4ppm Conclusion:The batch tested complies with European standards. Features & Benefits 1. High nitrogen content—a desirable feature for fertilizers, as plants require nitrogen to make proteins—and inexpensive industrial manufacture. 2. preparation of nitrous oxide (N2O): NH4NO3 -> N2O+ 2H2O. 3. Completely soluble in water. 4.The fertilizer grade contains about 28-32 percent nitrogen, all of which is in forms utilizable by plants. 5. Easily adapted to all ranges of dry fertilizer application methods. 6. High concentration of nutrients makes packing, storage and transport costs per unit very low. 7. Nitrogen being present in an easily absorbed Ammoniacal form and loss due to leaching is minimized.Liquid Nitrogen Fertilizer manufacturers website:

3 Axis Cnc Router manufacturers Avatar
3 Axis Cnc Router manufacturers
Created by hdjk87 on Nov, 12 2018 with 1 Members

12 Years of Experience Professional Trustful CNC Router Manufacturer in China. Over 20,000 Machines Sold Worldwide. 24*7 Service, 12 Months Warranty, Lifetime Support. Contact SUDIAO for High Performance and Reliable CNC Router at Bargain Prices. JINAN SUDIAO CNC Router Company Is Found In 2007 . As A Professional CNC Router Manufacturer SUDIAO Is Constantly Devoted in R&D and Manufacturing of Different Cabinet Kitchen Solutions Such As CNC Panel Production Line S6 , Smart CNC Nesting Machine S2/S3/S5 ,Five-Side Drilling Machine, Laser Model Side Drilling Machine, Assembled Solid Doors Process Center and Wood CNC Process Center . We Now Establish Several Branches and Agencies in 18 Countries Like USA UK France,Germany Canada.,etc We Has Imported Advanced International Technology and Production Process. Developing High Performance ,High Quality Machines to Meet the Different Customers Requirement is our Ceaseless Pursuit and Development Direction . We Are Looking for Long Term Business Cooperation to Work Together. Company Certificate 3 Axis Cnc Router manufacturers website:

Customized Arch Top Gates Avatar
Customized Arch Top Gates
Created by hdjk87 on Nov, 12 2018 with 1 Members

AG 200R Arched Metal Driveway Enter Gates Product Overview Beta Aluminum AG 200R Arched Gates provides an elegant and attractive solution to complete your aluminum fencing system. Gate is arched on the top and has exposed pickets on the bottom, providing a more secure enclosure. All gate hinges are packaged separately and not attached to your gate. One side attaches to the gate frame with screws (included) and the other side attaches to the gate post with screws (included).For, gates going between 2 columns, we can fabricate your gate plus your gate posts to all fit within any width opening. •Design gives clear view into enclosed area for an open feeling •Limited lifetime warranty on workmanship, materials and coating for as long as you own your fence •Fully welded construction for outstanding strength and a clean appearance •Gate features a smooth powder-coated finish, a more durable finish than paint, to help prevent chipping, rust and stand the test of time and weather •Gate comes pre-assembled for quick and easy installation Specification Gate Height (in.): 48 Gate Width (in.): 48 Picket length (in.):49, 51, 53, 54 Picket size (in.): 5/8” Rail length (in.):46, 65 Rail size (in.):1x1” Post length (in.):49 Post size (in.): 1.625 Color/ Finish: Black, white and bronze Fasteners: Stainless steel screws Includes: Rails, Pickets, Posts, Hardware Product Weight (lb.): 14Customized Arch Top Gates website:

3D Filament Orange 1kg manufacturers Avatar
3D Filament Orange 1kg manufacturers
Created by hdjk87 on Nov, 12 2018 with 1 Members

Our History Shenzhen Qihang electronics Co ltd has involved in 3d printing field since 2014. manufacturing FDM filaments. We have 70 emplyees in factory, 25 of them are R&D team members. The factory's production has been automated. Our company is extreamly emphasis in new filament and material technoogy development. Our main market is: USA, Europe, Russia, Australia etc. We promise to provide high quality and best serivce to all of our customers. Our Certificate Rohs CE Production Equipment Fialment machine3D Filament Orange 1kg manufacturers website: website2:

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