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Hot Wind Spring Tempering Furnace manufacturers China
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Details The continuous furnaces are produced by adopting advanced technologies. It take about 5-120 minutes from the temperature of 50-500℃ (adjustable)to complete heat treatment of the work pieces(e.g spring, chain, standard metal pieces, hardware pieces)which are put into the entrance of the furnace on the stainless steel belt. The furnaces are equipped with air blower to keep the temperature ever. The power of the furnace range from 8 to 137 kw. Work pieces can be produced constantly with the furnace in the production line. Specification: ModelMax temperaturePowerTemperature controlEffective heating area dim L*W*H(M)Overall dimensions L*W*H(M) XD-TF108500℃3KW10.8*0.1*0.051.2*0.67*1.2 XD-TF2108KW11*0.2*0.092.1*0.86*1.25 XD-TF31516KW11.5*0.3*0.092.7*1.0*1.25 XD-TF42026KW22*0.4*0.093.3*1.1*1.35 Experienced in manufacturing high-quality and practical recirculating furnace which is made in China, XINDING is professional as one of the credible recirculating furnace manufacturers and suppliers in China. And we also have a professional factory at your service, please feel free to contact us.Hot Wind Spring Tempering Furnace manufacturers China website:

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